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It’s a pleasure to be part of Surface Pattern Design Blog Hop. Having the chance to study during three day pattern design, with Bonnie Christine from Going Home to Roost, has been a big challenge to me. I am amazed about the course she gave us, all the information, the free downloads as a present… as well, thanks to CreativeLive, to give us the chance to do this course for free, it gave us a first approximation to the subject and in my case I decided to buy Design Surface Patterns from Scratch.


For a very little money you have forever and ever an amazing course!


Firstly, I felt overwhelmed about all the information, but slowly I caught the rhythm and enjoyed so much listening Bonnie and everybody who was involved with the live course.


This course has been so significant to me, because I had a very basic knowledge of Illustrator and in some way I was scared about that program, hehe… Now, after been practicing for some weeks I feel more secure and confident. I am learning a lot on my own, that’s because Bonnie’s lessons were easy and very approachable. I love Illustrator, thanks Bonnie!


Everything in the course was interesting to me, but there is one thing that made me feel amazed: how to build color palettes with your own photos through illustrator. It’s so addicting… I made several palettes with photos and from this method I choose the colors for my first collection.


So… I would like to introduce you, Sweet Autumn. That’s how I call my first collection of patterns. I live in Spain and every year the autumn is warmer, we have almost four months of summer. I like warm weather, but I remember when I was a child that at the same period of time I was wearing a thick jacket, and we used to eat chestnuts and sweet potatoes feeling cold on our cheeks, I miss that.

The world is changing and we have to be aware about that!







I enjoyed all the process: going out for inspiration, taking photos, drawing motifs and scanning them, choosing the color palette, working with the composition of each pattern…. I like the idea to become a Surface Pattern Design.

Nowadays, I own an online fabric shop, Positive Fabrics. The idea is to build my own collection of fabrics and paper goods with my own designs. I studied Fine Arts, but with pattern design I have discovered my perfect place, I love to mix traditional technics with digital.


Choosing the color palette it’s a hard part of the process, I spend days testing and testing different options. Some days all colors are amazingly beautiful and others are horrible… color, it’s a very emotional thing but I love it!




Sketches from nature. I love to see how my drawings become digital, it’s magic!




Adding some color to the motives, so exciting moment!




Some products with Sweet Autumn patterns, it’s amazing what you can do with Illustrator, I don’t feel scared about it any more! 


I hope you have enjoyed my history and don’t forget to read Sarah’s post and the following one by Carolyn Clark. We are in the same adventure and it’s so nice to read about everyone process.

If you want to know more about Bonnie you can visit her blog, goinghometoroost. It’s such a nice place to visit and spend a loooong time reading interesting things about pattern design, gardening, cooking, handmade things… you can also see pretty photos and visit her online Etsy shop. If you love her world you have the chance to be part of Roost Tribe, for a tiny amount of money, you’ll receive every month a succulent mail plenty of nice things.

You can join at goinghometoroost.com/first-month-free/









Thanks for reading my post, I leave you the link of The Course, believe me… if you want to learn Surface Pattern Design this is your place!







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